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Glorious Gardens is expert at giving clients the customized landscapes they are seeking.

We appreciate the beauty of plants changing throughout the seasons and the way a well-designed space can transform the mood of all who enter it.

We believe that your outdoor environment can be a vital extension of your indoor living space, whether it continues the indoor aesthetic or provides a striking contrast to it.

Chesterfield serenity garden

We also seek to give each client what they want and need, not stamp a pre-conceived Glorious Gardens’ aesthetic on every client. We believe that every client has their own preferences, uses their landscape in their own personal way, and ultimately wants their own private space.

We strive to make each space sustainable with proper plant selections and design techniques. We develop low maintenance and low water use gardens, rain gardens, edible gardens, and bird and butterfly gardens. We encourage the selection of native plants to preserve biodiversity.


“‘The proof is in the pudding!’ My front yard is transformed and will only get better as the plants mature and spread. [Rhonda] listened to my needs, discussed possibilities, offered information and advice to help with decisions. [I] depend on her expertise and ‘artist’s eye’ for recommendations.”


 Webster Groves cul-de-sac songbird garden 

We enjoy the camaraderie of our small company and we enjoy getting to know our limited clientele. We seek to keep the same clients and enhance their properties over many years.

Our services are all geared towards these ends: unique designs; quality installations; thorough one-time cleanups; detailed, ongoing maintenance; and informative consultations.

Webster Groves backyard water feature