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We work with you to give you the level of service you desire. With our most comprehensive service, we make sure your property is always in optimal health and at its most beautiful.

Glorious Gardens will maintain your property at whatever intervals you decide: weekly, monthly, or seasonally.

 North County woodland garden and stone patio 

We prepare a customized proposal for your maintenance needs, based on conversations with you and an evaluation of your property.

 South County patio garden 

The proposal usually includes a price for basic maintenance tasks, which include weeding, deadheading plants after they’ve bloomed, and shearing and light pruning of shrubs and small trees.

Webster Groves backyard garden 

"My house/garden has been looking great thanks to your beautiful work! Thanks!"



"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking care of my parents’ home...[my mother] is so thrilled."


We also include a more comprehensive proposal for optimal  maintenance. This proposal will include our assessment of your garden’s needs for soil testing and possible amendments to keep your plants healthy, a fertilizer program for the year, a program for application of pre-emergents to prevent weeds from sprouting, edging beds, and mulching.

Webster Groves front walk 

In any case, we will keep a sharp eye on your plants to identify problems and bring them to your attention, along with possible remedial actions.

 West County frontyard plantings 

"Things have never looked so good! Thanks again."



As part of your maintenance plan, or as a separate proposal, we can plant and remove seasonal annuals such as begonias and mums to keep your plantings fresh and flowering.  We also create planters for entrances and driveways.

"Thank you so much for your help this past year. I look forward to talking with you in the very early spring to keep our garden flourishing."


Clayton backyard spring bulbs 

Any of our gardeners who come to your property will have a comprehensive list of tasks for each visit, along with information about your likes and dislikes. As far as possible, the same gardeners will visit each time to provide continuity of service.

"I would love to have you plant my containers again. They were very attractive last year."


Planter for Webster Groves bank
South County planters